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Everything You Need To Know About The Top Positions In Tech

Posted on 25/04/2017 by Kaitlin McAndrews


The world is evolving at a rapid pace, with Technology and Digital Transformation acting as both the constants and the catalysts for change in 2017. Careers in Technology have officially hit the ever-so-exclusive & ever-so-desirable popular table at lunch, so to speak. Ever since the Harvard Business Review dubbed Data Scientists as the “sexiest job of the 21st century” & HBO’s “Silicon Valley” made Tech start-up culture cool, jobs in Technology have never been more desirable. The weight of Digital Transformation is weighing heavy on organisations on a global level – spurring a shift in focus onto Technology talent growth.

With those of you more concerned with the likes of Donald Trump & Brexit, consider this: “Technology, not political upheaval, will have the biggest impact on our lives in the next decade”, says the Independent. With Google alone planning to hire 3000 new staff in the UK to boost Britain’s Technology scene, it’s hard to see any sign of jobs in Tech slowing down. As noted by Tech Nation Report in 2016, “the Digital Economy is expanding at an extraordinary pace, creating jobs and fuelling growth in regions and cities up and down the country, adding some £87 billion to the economy”.

While there are plenty of roles in Technology, there is also a very large skills gap ushering in a new battle for talent in the 21st century. But it’s not just Tech skills that are in high demand. There is a huge need for specialists to not only be able to integrate Technology capabilities into companies but also to act in a client-facing capacity alongside business partners of the organisation. Cue the demand for Data Analysts & Data Scientists. It’s no surprise that the demand for those in Data Analytics is strong – with a robust need for Data Translators across all industries as the amount of accessible data increases.

In our Digital Age, creating consumer-centric, aesthetically appealing interfaces is essential to a companies’ reputation. According to data by Forrester, companies that put creativity into design excel in market share by a factor of 1.5 against those who don’t. Any organisation that wants to stay relevant in the Digital Age needs to hire top design talent to create valuable, evocative experiences to leave lasting impressions of their brand. Ahem, UX/UI Designers out there, there is no sign of your jobs slowing anytime soon.

Risk Management & Cyber Security have grown to a business critical level, with IT teams now being the first line of defence in enterprise risk function. CIOs have been prioritising IT Security through the implementation of cloud Technology, reducing fixed costs. With businesses keen to find a “lean and mean” way to support applications, there is a steady rise in demand for Agile Development and DevOps.

With the rise of Industry 4.0, we decided to compile a list of the Top Positions within the Tech Industry analysing remuneration trends, skills & qualifications in demand and career progression for each.  Using data from GartnerWEF and other known reports, we put together a list of the most indispensable roles in Technology. In the year ahead, employers around the world will be looking for people in the following departments:

Everything You Need To Know About The Top Positions In Tech from Kaitlin McAndrews


There are 3 different kinds of developers: Front-End & Back-EndFront-End Developers focus on design (i.e. the end user’s, or the customer’s, experience), while Back-End Developers build & maintain the Tech to make it a reality.


Beginner: HTML, CSS

Intermediate: Javascript, Jquery

Back-End: Ruby, PHP, Python


Front-End Developer (Javascript Developer, HTML Developer, CSS Developer)

Back-End Developer (Ruby Developer, PHP Developer, Python Developer, Java Developer)

Web Developer


You use a mixture of user research & information architecture alongside your graphic design skills to determine user interaction with a website, app, device or software to ensure delightful, natural user experiences.


Web Analytics: KISSmetrics, Google Analytics

Testing: SurveyMonkey, Usabilla, Mechanical Turk, UserTesting

Wireframe Creation: Sketch, Adobe Photoshop, UXPin Balsamiq Mockups, Axure, Moqups, Invision

Quantitative Analytics

Qualitative Analytics


UI Designer

UI Developer

UX Designer


With 85% of consumers’ smartphone usage encompassing app usage, there has been a steady demand for Mobile Developers to write code to improve customer experience. It is your job to adjust & update the code to maintain customer happiness.


iOS: Swift, Objective-C, Xcode

Android: Java, XML, Android Studio, Google Play

Windows: C++, C#, Javascript, Visual Studio (IDE), Windows SDK


iOS Developer

Android Developer

Windows Developer

Mobile Developer


You are the "mini-CEO" of your product. It’s your responsibility to define how the product is built & to lead a product team with an actionable strategy distilled from market insights.


Business Development

Project Management & Strategy

Java, Ruby

Agile Methodologies

UX Experience

MVPs, A/B Tests

Google Analytics, Mixpanel, SQL

Market Intelligence


Product Manager

Digital Product Manager


You organise & collect data from a variety of data-sets, evaluate the data, derive insights to then suggest actionable recommendations for how to drive the business forward & keep the business healthy.


Database Analytics Tools: Hadoop, SQL, Pandas

Coding: XML, Python, R, Javascript, SAS

Reporting Packages: Excel, Business Objects

Modelling: Statistical, Predictive

Data Visualisation: Tableau, Qlikview


Data Analyst

Insight Analyst

Data Scientist

Data Modeller

Data Architect

Business Intelligence Analyst

Business Analyst

Decision Scientist


As a Digital Marketing Expert, you acquire, engage, convert and retain customers for your company. Anything from SEO & Optimisation to Online Advertising, to Social Media to increase Return on Investment (ROI).


Data Analysis: Web Analytics, Social Media Analytics, Google Analytics, Google Adwords

Content / Campaign Management

PPC, Automation, SEO, Mobile

Coding: HTML, CSS

Paid Marketing: Facebook, Twitter

Quantitative / Qualitative Analytics


CRM Analyst

Marketing Analyst

Digital Marketing Analyst

Digital Business Analyst

Web Analyst

PPC Analyst


With cyber criminals and hackers becoming ever-more-sophisticated, it is your job to protect computers & networks from criminal intrusion by staying one step ahead of those behind the new crime wave in 2017.


Penetration Testing

Network Security Monitoring

IT Forensics

Cloud, AI & IoT Security

Security Analysis

Data Security

Security Tools: nmap, burb suite, metasploit, Nessus, openVas, Linux 


InfoSec Consultant

Penetration Tester

Data Security Analyst

Security Consultant

Security Architect

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