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Employee of the Month July: Ludwig Le Coq

Posted on 22/08/2017 by Kaitlin McAndrews


Every month, Parallel likes to recognise one employee whose performance really stood out. In July, the winner was Ludwig Le Coq, a Senior Consultant on Team France.

He lives and breathes our values: he's collaborative, transparent, entrepreneurial and innovative. He's the company’s in form consultant and we couldn't wait to sit down with Ludwig and talk to him about his fantastic month and everything French!


So Ludwig, congratulations on winning our July “Employee of the Month” award! How does it feel? 

Beautiful!  It was a tough month - we’ve all pushed hard and I’m truly humbled by this award. It’s a special type of feeling when you know that this recognition comes from your co-workers. Thanks, guys!

How long have you been working at Parallel on Team France?

It’s been 11 months now - time flies when you’re having fun! I joined in September 2016 to build our new offering for the French market.

What’s been the most challenging aspect of the role so far?

As always when entering a new market: building our reputation and adapting our model to the French market. It took a lot of ground work and it’s a pleasure to see that the market has responded positively to what we have to offer.

Having won the “Employee of the Month” award, what do you think went so well last month?

I think that in our industry, it’s all about the quality of the relationships you build with both clients and candidates regardless of if it was 2 hours or 2 years ago. If you’re honest and consultative, people will respect that and always get back to you…even if it means giving bad news to a candidate or telling a client that he’s wrong in his talent attraction strategy. 
This is how we work at Parallel and I like to think that this is why it went well for me last month.

What do you think it takes to be an "Employee of the Month"?

It takes everything you’ve got as a professional but also as a person! It’s not only about the Management rewarding you, it’s about your colleagues feeling like you’ve done something different, or you’ve gone the extra mile or simply because you were there when they needed your help.


So what’s the most enjoyable thing about working in Parallel’s Team France?

Definitely the “Mini-Entrepreneur approach”! Knowing that I’m free to address this market the way I see fit and that the management team trusts me to build it and make it a profitable business unit for the company.

Special mention to the monthly trips to Paris! Obviously, visiting my clients and candidates is a pure joy, and getting to enjoy the French delicacies is priceless.


As most of us know here at Parallel, you're from France! What's the thing you miss most about France having been living in London for so long?

Haha, now that’s a tough question! The beauty of living in London is that we have access to pretty much every French product but there is 1 thing I do miss: a French terrace. We don’t have much space in central Paris but bars and restaurants will always squeeze a couple of chairs and tables outside for people to sit down, drink their coffee (or wine…not judging…) and talk for hours…and hours.

How do you find Parallel is different to other companies?

In almost 5 years in recruitment, I’ve been in contact with a lot of different recruitment companies and they all have their pros & cons.

I enjoy working at Parallel because there is a good balance between the niche-boutique style agency (lots of perks, cool offices, exciting incentives…) and the structure of a larger business with a strong framework, regular training and a clear career path that you have the control to build.


Congratulations Ludwig – your efforts to find perfect candidates certainly haven’t gone unnoticed, and your enthusiasm continues to prove that you’re an asset to our company and a credit to yourself! Well done! 

To see what Digital & Technology roles Ludwig is working on now, click here or contact him directly at

Feel free to keep up-to-date with Ludwig on social media as well by following him on his Twitter account@Ludwig_LC