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The United States of Analytics

Posted on 24/08/2017 by Kaitlin McAndrews


Data Science continues to be the fastest growing sector in analytics. Our Parallel USA Team delves into the state of salaries & the skills commanding higher & higher salaries in Data Science & Analytics. As predicted by Forbes, there are 4 skills that are commanding more attention in the Data Science market by hiring managers: Programming Skills, Quantitative Skills, Product Intuition, and Communication. 

What do our consultants have to say about the market? “We tell candidates every day that salaries will continue to rise," says John Bevan, Senior Manager, "but it’s important that they pay attention to long-term solid career progression, instead of just the salary & package offered.”

See our data-driven insights created by our consultants in our cool infographic! To see what jobs USA Team is working on in Data Science and Analytics, click here or feel free to connect with our team on LinkedIn to have a quick chat to get some insight on the market. 

Be sure to see what jobs we have in Data Science & Analytics by contacting one of our representatives working in the US market at Parallel: 

Jack Wallace: +1 (646) 491-6860

John Bevan: +1 (646) 491-6935