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Emerging Jobs & Skills in Software Development

Posted on 14/11/2017 by Kaitlin McAndrews


As 2018 is fast-approaching, we decided to focus on the field of Software Development and how new emerging skills and technologies are changing the market completely in 2018.

Using data found from Emsi, we have noticed seven up and coming job titles within Software Development are all shifting towards new, diverse technologies:

Cloud Engineer Architects

Salesforce Developers

Android Developers

Python Developers

Positions that are based on much broader skill sets are:

Data Engineers

Staff Software Engineers

Application Engineers


Four skills divisions have emerged & impacted the Software Development climate this year:

Hard Developer Skills

Quality Management Skills

Soft Skills & Management Skills

Programming Language Skills

Hard-developer skills saw the most growth between 2015 and 2016, with skills such as Elasticsearch, Apache Subversion, NodeJS and Gradle seeing substantial growth in demand in the past year. Within Quality Management, Methodologies & Service-Oriented Architecture skills saw the most growth, followed by Debugging and Data Integration skills. C# led the largest demand within Programming Language Skills demand, followed by Scala, AWK and Sed.  


With the New Year came new high-growth skills that are new to the field of Software Development. Soft skills are starting to play a larger role in the field, with mentorship, marketing and consulting being the most recurrently demanded new skills.


These emerging skills and job titles are reflecting a current trend: 50% of the emerging trends in Software Development are attributed to new technologies such as programming language or quality management. The other half is attributed to a soft/hard mix of skills, such as a Software Developer with marketing skills or a NodeJS Developer with previous mentoring experience.


What we can see is that the combination of broader or softer skills can often lead to the development of brand new occupations. As we have seen previously, a position mostly comprised of computer science skills with a dash of statistical skills morphed into the new of field Data Science. The addition of one or two soft skills will begin to perfectly complement your Computer Science resume, turning you into a new-age Software Developer ready for the challenges ahead of you in Industry 4.0. 



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