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Gartner Symposium: CIO Conference

Posted on 6/11/2017 by Kaitlin McAndrews


We have been loving everything we are hearing this morning from Gartner's Symposium CIO Conference and keynote explaining how to create digital value at scale at your company. Peter Sondergaard, Tina Nunno and Hung LeHong have been capturing our attention with their amazing insights today at the Gartner keynote, so we decided to condense what we have heard and seen so far into a post! Stay tuned for updates throughout the day. 

Peter Sondergaard says?

  • AI will be a net job creator starting in 2020
  • There will be a talent shortage. While you need the capability, you may not be able to hire the people
  • Into 2018 & beyond we anticipate 3 high-demand skills:
    1. AI
    2. Digital Security
    3. IoT


Talent & Culture

Tina Nunno Says

  • There’s been a 60% growth in tech skills required for non-IT roles over the last 4 years
  • Workforce digital dexterity will provide the fuel for your digital workplace to create digital value at scale.
  • To find people who are able & eager to embed all types of intelligence in IoT

Hung LeHong Says

  • To make IT the incubator for digital talent across your enterprise
  • The more diverse a company is, the more profitable. Without diversity, bias will blind us to innovation & opportunities

IoT Scales the Physical World

  • IoT scales the physical world. It allows us to measure & mediate things to make better decisions faster
  • While IoT scales the physical world, APIs scale relationships into ecosystems

What About AI?

  • Today, Deep Learning is the most promising AI Technology
  • Nunno says as IoT scales the physical world and APIs scale relationships, think of AI as scaling people
  • LeHong says while IoT scales the physical world, APIs scale relationships into ecosystems
  • AI’s best use today & well into the future will be to augment human capabilities

Digital Platforms

  • Digital platforms unleash the digital dexterity of your workforce & unlocks the potential of network effect technologies
  • Gartner predicts that by 2023, 90% of current applications will still be in use
  • Nunno says without digital business ambition, you just have a collection of projects

The new role of the CIO

How to create the new job of CIO?               

  1.   Pre-empt disruption
  2.   Define your NEW job
  3.   Live your new job

Roswell-Jones says the role of the CIO has changed to that of IT business executive