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Most Valuable Player - December: Andrew Poxton

Posted on 22/12/2017 by Kaitlin McAndrews


Every month, Parallel likes to recognise one employee whose performance really stood out. Andrew Poxton, a Managing Consultant in our Analytics Practice, lives and breathes our values; he's ambitious, positive, and energetic. He's had an amazing year that drove him to win our November 2017 Most Valuable Player (MVP) award this month and we couldn't wait to talk to him all about his award, so we decided to sit down with Andrew and talk to him about his fantastic month.


So Andrew, congratulations on winning our November “MVP” award! How does it feel? 

It feels really satisfying. Having joined the business fairly recently, to win a prize voted for by the other members of the team is great. Also when you consider some of the previous winners I feel that I am very good company.


How long have you been working at Parallel in our Analytics team now?

I joined the business in May 2017 and feel very much at home here. It’s great to work alongside some really experienced consultants, a strong management team who have created a really strong consultancy. They have managed to build a business on core values, treating people fairly, helping everyone grow no matter what level of the business they join in, and provide plenty of incentive to achieve.


What’s been the most challenging aspect of the role so far?

One of the major challenges initially was moving into a company where I am was the new boy. Having been at my previous company for around 6 years it was tough working in a new environment, having more freedom and working with a new team.


So what’s the most enjoyable thing about working in Parallel’s Analytics team?

I really enjoy the mature approach to recruitment. We know our clients, markets and we work hard to keep the standard of work high. We all have our own goals and aspirations but work together to collectively achieve. And let’s not forget we work with some really great clients who are a really enjoyable to represent. These are the kind of businesses that the very best candidates want to work for which does make the work exciting.


So what’s been your favourite location to work in so far?

Edinburgh – working with a great client helping to build a brand new analytics team has been a really enjoyable experience. One of the tricky things about working with some enterprise clients is that there are not often brand new roles and certainly not whole new team just because of the established nature of this kind of business. Being a recruitment partner within this phase of their development has been professionally exciting and personally satisfying open doors for some really great candidates.


Having won the “MVP” award, what do you think went so well last month?

I believe it was a culmination of a few months of very hard work and the time it takes to get recognition from a team who hold very high standards. Since joining in May, finding my feet and getting stuck in, November was a really good month for me personally and for the whole Parallel team. It was just going back to basics, working hard and chasing some very successful recruiters always helps!  


What do you think it takes to be a “MVP”?

Hard work, consistency, attention to detail and always asking the question you don’t want to hear the answer to.

By focusing on creating the best level of services for your clients (lots of quality CV’s, market intel and honesty). By creating a great candidate experience (opening lots of doors, providing as much of information, support and listening) you’ll first of all, make lots of placements but also be able to enjoy your work and be a positive person to work with in what can sometimes be a rather stressful job.


How do you find Parallel is different to other companies?

Parallel should be known as a Recruitment Consultancy and not just an agency. This is a group of genuine Consultants who are industry specialists who guide both their candidates and clients. There is a real focus on the level of service that we provide, the quality of our work and that everyone is growing professionally. We are also pretty good at letting our hair down. As a group of likeminded people there is always someone to join you for a pint if it’s been a really good day, really bad day or even just a Tuesday……. 


Congratulations Andrew – your efforts to find the perfect candidates certainly haven’t gone unnoticed, and your enthusiasm and endeavours continue to prove that you’re an asset to our company and a credit to yourself! Well done!

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