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Parallel Consulting Annual Awards 2017

Posted on 9/02/2018 by Kaitlin McAndrews


2017 was a big year for Parallel: we shattered several company records, went on a company trip to Ibiza, expanded our office to another floor and so much more! 

2017 was an even more impressive year for our International Contract Team, so deservedly they won all four awards at Parallel’s 2017 Annual Awards Ceremony: Manager of the Year, MVP of the Year, Top Biller of the Year and Team of the Year

Each individual in the team put in a great performance, so they truly deserve the recognition for all of their hard work! We took the opportunity to sit down with Parminder Toor, Associate Director of the Contract Team, to talk all things contract and to find out more about their award-winning year.

So Par, congratulations on your team winning all four awards at Parallel’s 2017 Annual Awards! How does it feel? 

I am hugely proud of what we achieved in 2017 - every member of the team contributed and worked tirelessly to achieve what we set out to do. To see what the team has achieved in the last 12 months is incredible and I am looking forward to what 2018 brings.

What is it like leading Parallel's Contract team?

It’s an absolute pleasure! Who wouldn’t want to lead a team that is first to arrive in the office, last to leave, consistently works hard, unquestionably supports one another and also never gives up? Everyone on the team has a real passion for what they do and a blind determination to be at the top.

Okay, we have to ask, what would you say was the best part for you and your team in 2017?

That’s a really hard question, as we achieved so much so, I am going to cheat and give you a couple. One of the best parts of last year has to be being able to promote four members of the team and the second being that four members of the team hit the high achievers club in our first year as well. 

Having won all four awards: Manager of the Year, MVP of the Year, Top Biller of the Year and Team of the Year, what do you think worked so well last year?

When I first joined Parallel, the Contract Team was at the bottom of all of the leadership boards and I could tell it really pained them to be there. We channelled this negativity and changed it into a positive motivator that continues to drive us on daily basis. Also by not reinventing the wheel, we focused on ensuring we mastered the basics well. We work hard, stay humble, support one another through the good and the bad and continue to strive to hit the next level

I know you guys and girls are pretty competitive, to say the least, what are your plans to ensure you win all four annual awards in 2018 too?

Consistency and serious competitiveness are a dream combination and we have an abundance of the latter. We are constantly working on ways to improve our consistency which will ensure success. We will keep moving forward, tweaking little things here and there, but at the same time, we always keep our end goal in mind. We have now set the bar which is there to be beaten - what more motivation do you need?

What are you most excited to see happen this year in Team Contract?

Growth; this is what we are all striving for and what we need to maximise our foot print. The development of all of the individuals in the team will be one thing to really watch this year as I am confident in the coming years we will see more promotions & produce some really capable managers. Obviously now that we are at the top of the mountain we don’t want to give our position up for anything and we are looking forward to the battle of maintaining this level of excellence.

What do you think makes Parallel stand out from competitors?

I have been in recruitment for a very long time and the environment here is like no other I have experienced. The togetherness and sheer focus placed on achieving greatness is like nothing I have been a part of before. Parallel strive to be at the forefront of everything they do, a quality which is infectious.

The flexibility and the compliance excellence here can’t be found anywhere else. Finding solutions is literally the mantra here and it is complemented by an environment that encourages and allows our staff to thrive and grow.  

Congratulations Team Contract– your efforts to find the perfect candidates certainly haven’t gone unnoticed, and your enthusiasm and endeavour continue to prove that you are all amazing assets to our company! Well done! To see what roles the Contract Team is working on now, click here​​