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April MVP & Top Biller of the Month: Matthias Henrichsen!

Posted on 3/05/2018 by Kaitlin McAndrews


Every month, Parallel likes to recognise one employee whose performance really stood out. In April, the winner was Matthias Henrichsen, a Principal Consultant on Team Europe.  

He lives and breathes our values: he's collaborative, transparent, entrepreneurial and innovative. We couldn't wait to sit down with Matthias and talk to him about his fantastic month and everything Team Europe!

So Matthias, congratulations on winning our April “MVP” and “Top Biller” awards! How does it feel? 

It feels great to win both of them! Winning MVP is especially rewarding as it’s voted for by my colleagues. It’s a feeling of recognition and I hope to win it again, but I am equally hoping others will win it too during the next 8 months. Top Biller is a great award to win as well! It's nice to see my hard work paying off. 

What has been your favourite incentive or reward that you have experienced whilst you have been working at Parallel?

I have to say, going on our company trip to Ibiza last September was absolutely incredible. What made it even better was how much each person contributed for our team to go. Another great incentive was when we all went to Royal Ascot for lunch club last year. It was so great, we are doing it again this year! 

What’s been the most challenging aspect of the role so far?

Sometimes you can be doing all the right things and activities and the end results just won't come into fruition (or vice versa). It is really important to stay motivated and positive as you look forward and plan for the next months ahead. 

Having won the “Top Biller” and “MVP” awards, what do you think went so well last month?

I think it was staying focused and approaching the job in a structured way. Sometimes as a recruiter, you can easily be distracted, so it is important to work within your niche.

What do you think it takes to be an "MVP"?

Showing good practice and being a good role model or positive influence within the office. That doesn’t just mean billing a lot, but showing a good attitude that others can emulate

So what’s the most enjoyable thing about working in Team Europe at Parallel?

Team Europe at Parallel is great, as we are treated as adults and are not micromanaged. The culture is very supportive and there is a genuine “team” feeling.  

As most of us know here at Parallel, you're from Denmark! What's the thing you miss most about Denmark having been living in London for so long?

That would have to be REAL Carlsberg! And bicycle lanes…I would never dare to cycle in London! ​

How do you find Parallel is different to other companies?

There is a real entrepreneurial spirit at Parallel. However, with great power, comes great responsibility - meaning you have to be disciplined with yourself in order to remain focused as you are more responsible for your work. It is this dynamic that I love the most about Parallel because it is definitely more satisfying when the results come in.

Congratulations Matthias – your efforts to find perfect candidates certainly haven’t gone unnoticed, and your enthusiasm continues to prove that you’re an asset to our company and a credit to yourself! Well done! 

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