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How We #BreakTheBias


We know that conversations about unconscious bias – whether related to issues of self-confidence or algorithms propagating the biases of their programmers in hiring technologies – can be uncomfortable. That’s why we are challenging ourselves to start normalising those conversations, because only once business leaders and managers are informed about the way unconscious bias pervades into hiring processes and the workplace can they put in effective processes to systematically break the bias. Only once a workplace culture is created that enables women to feel supported and safe to discuss how they feel affected by gender bias can everyone truly feel empowered to perform to their full potential.


We want to start an overdue conversation and we look forward to raising awareness of the unconscious bias brought towards hiring women in technology and the challenges it poses, influencing employers, educating managers, and making a small contribution to creating a healthier, and more inclusive, workplace for everyone.





How We #BreakTheBias: Anastasia Falce

Anastasia, a Python Developer in the UK, discusses her experience as a developer, how her school empowered her to pursue a career in tech, and more.



How We #BreakTheBias: Irena Polpova

Meet Irena, an Information Technology Specialist who works at Majorel in Germany. Here she discusses her experience as a women in technology.



How We #BreakTheBias: ​Cyber Security Senior Analyst

Meet this Cyber Security Senior Analyst based in Germany who discusses her experience in the cyber security space as a woman.



How We #BreakTheBias: ​Head of Systems Integration and Security

This Head of Systems Integration and Security based in Berlin discusses her role as a female leader in tech and how she empowers women in tech.



Hannah Navarro

Meet Hannah, a Technical Recruiter for Software professionals within the DACH region at Parallel. Here, Hannah discusses the gender equity she has witnessed.



Peter Finello

Meet Peter, a Principal Consultant in Cyber Security and Information Security on the DACH team at Parallel. As a Manager, Peter discusses how he breaks the bias. 



Josh Kelly

Meet Josh, a Managing Consultant at Parallel, specialising in Software recruitment within Scandinavia. Here, Josh discusses how he breaks the bias. 



Mo Al-Hashimy

Meet Mo, a Senior Consultant on Parallel's DACH team, working with professionals in the information security and cybersecurity. Read how he breaks the bias. 



Dipika Kaur

Meet Dipika, a Senior Recruiter for Software professionals on Parallel's Benelux team. Here, she discusses how she breaks the bias as a female recruiter.