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Meet our Newest Teammates: Leora, Anastasia and Maria!

This January, we had three new starters: Anastasia, Maria and Leora. Leora and Anastasia are working on our delivery team and Maria has just joined our corporate support team.

January 2022

Meet our Newest Teammates: Leora, Anastasia and Maria!

Leora and Anastasia are working on our delivery team and Maria has just joined our corporate support team. Leora, Anastasia and Maria joined our team last week, so we sat down with them to talk about their experience so far. So enough small talk from our end – let’s see what they have to say about working at Parallel having made it through their first couple weeks!


What are your favourite things about Parallel so far?

Anastasia: The people, people’s willingness to help and the Friday beer fridge!

Leora: I love how helpful people are, how individual and authentic everyone is in their own way but equally how extroverted and outspoken we all are and how everyone is so social. It nice that everyone likes to socialise together outside of work.

Maria: The people! Everyone is really helpful and friendly. It is also a nice office environment and everyone is very social outside of work too!


How was your onboarding experience?

Anastasia: A bit hectic, but absolutely informative and needed!

Leora: Great! First week was great to socialise with everyone, everyone made sure to make us feel like we are part of the team and we had everyones input one way or another merged into our learning experience.

Maria: Very stress free and organised! Had lots of training sessions and onboarding presentations and everything was ready from the first day!


Why did you say yes to recruitment and to Parallel?

Anastasia: Lauren’s (our internal recruiter) positivity and need for change of jobs/field!

Leora: I said yes to Parallel because the recruitment process was excellent, and the team/people seemed lovely. I said yes to recruitment because the skills needed just seemed to reflect my personality/identity as a whole – what’s better than finding an environment which allows you to thrive as an individual?!

Maria: It’s an industry I am very familiar with having worked in recruitment for 3 and a half years. I said yes to Parallel as Lauren was very helpful throughout the whole process and communicated with me and made my decision much easier!


What are your favourite hobbies outside of work?

Anastasia: Working on my business

Leora: Music (I sing/play the guitar, compose my own music – Leora Garling spotify), Dancing (Salsa Bachata, clubbing haha), Languages (currently trying to learn Italian), Traveling, People (networking, making new connections)

Maria: Going to the gym, running and I love to cook!



How do you unwind after a busy day?

Anastasia: Listening to music or biking around central London. You can take the girl out of Holland but you can never take Holland out of the girl- or whatever the saying is.

Leora:  A drink with friends/colleagues, Meditation, Organise and clean my room, Shopping , Phoning people, Takeaways

Maria: Gym!


Interested in hearing more about what it is like to work at Parallel in London or New York? Get in touch with Lauren Cleary.

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