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Why you should be breaking into Cybersecurity today

With the rise of the Industry 4.0". digital networking has grown drastically. With an increased networking rate, cyber attacks have also increased. Cyber attacks are happening everywhere and constantly, and companies are becoming desperate to protect themselves against these attacks.

November 2018

Why you should be breaking into Cybersecurity today

Every minute, we are seeing about half a million attack attempts that are happening in cyberspace and the need for cybersecurity specialists is growing by the minute. This has resulted in cybersecurity becoming one of the most sought-after fields of work. Being highly sought for means getting paid for your expertise as well! Germany is currently the best paying cybersecurity European country, with the median base salary for a mid-level cyber security professional being £56,485 compared to £48,020 in the UK. Thus, if you are flexible with your location, then Germany is the place for a cybersecurity specialist. 



What skills do I need to break into Cybersecurity?

Technical background:

  • computer science or
  • mathematics degree, or
  • hands-on experience of administering IT systems.

Specialist knowledge:

There are a range of areas within a cybersecurity career. You can choose between different fields such as network security or app security, or specific roles such as security analyst or ethical hacker. Where do your interests lie?

Soft skills:

You need to be able to understand risks. You need to be able to develope strategies to protect organizations from risks and communicate your thinking clearly.


Close the Gap

With the fast pace growth in the cybersecurity industry, there has been a gap in skills. Be part of those who have those skills and are closing the Gap!



I have no experience in cybersecurity but want to join the trend

If you are just about to head to university, then join a program that will allow you to specialize within cybersecurity, such as: Computer programming, computer science, information science, computer engineering

Already started your IT career and trying to move to cybersecurity? Follow these guidelines:

  1. Join local user or Meetup groups and learn from professionals
  2. Obtain certifications
  3. Find your niche. Where is your biggest interest? Where do you think the market is heading? Stay up to date with trends to position yourself. Review the below trends to gain insight to current trends



cyentia., 2018

Our advice to you

As a final note, we suggest that you don’t wait and break into the industry now. Cybersecurity is trending right now, therefore be one of the first but more importantly be one of the first to close the skills gap and really differentiate yourself.

If you are ready to take that step in your career and are looking for an opportunity within cybersecurity, check out our cybersecurity vacancies in Germany and get in contact with our cybersecurity career specialists.

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