Quantitative Finance & Investment Strategy

As a division of Parallel Consulting, Quantitative Finance and Investment Strategy specializes in the dynamic intersection of finance and technology.

Supplying the market with talent and expertise

Our focus spans the buy-side and sell-side, encompassing consumer finance and FinTech firms. We thrive in placing top talent in roles, facilitating innovation and growth in the financial landscape.

  • Quantitative Analyst

    Great talent to analyze and translate your data.

  • Quantitative Researcher

    Acquire incredible talent from our deep-rooted candidate networks.

  • Data Scientist

    Analyzing and maintaining incredible solutions.

  • Risk Analyst

    Complex and niche, we pride ourselves on our global Risk networks.

  • Market Strategist

    Talent that will deepen your insights and planning.

  • Quantitative Developer

    High-quality quant talent.

We fuel Quantitative Finance and Investment Strategy teams across the US and Canada.

Within Quantitative Finance and Investment Strategy, there are a number specialisms and routes that candidates can take. This means that finding niche skill sets can take time depending on your business needs as well as the projects that you need completed.

At Parallel, we have an “inch wide mile deep” mentality to building our candidate networks. This means that we have access to great talent because each of our consultants are specialists in their given markets.

Our top recruitment experts in this market


“Parallel went above and beyond to help me take my career to the next level. Professional, friendly and understanding from beginning to end.”

Data Scientist USA

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