Our team in DACH

We have been working the DACH market for over a decade, and have incredible relationships and candidate networks across all of our specialisms. Our DACH team is full of subject matter experts who are dedicated to understanding your goals and vision for your business

Connecting employers with qualified candidates in the DACH region

In the DACH region (Austria, Germany, and Switzerland), process, organization, and a meticulous approach are considered second-nature. We understand the unique demands of each location, which is why we have lingual specialists who work in their native language to achieve the best results.

A global team

  • 3/4 clients buy from us again. The 4th doesn´t have another role in our field.

  • 16 We have placed candidates in all 16 counties in Germany

  • 1000+ Placements made across DACH region

  • 100% Dedicated to providing native level speaking Consulting Services

Our DACH team


“Mo knows how to bring the right people together, ask the right questions and always have an open ear.”

InfoSec Specialist Germany

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