Cybersecurity Market Insights Q1 2023

Noortje Jacobs


Hiring Pause

  • 62% of our customers pause hiring in Q1 due to the uncertainty of the market or volume of work (i.e. professional services).
  • Highest demand for these skillsets:
    • PCI QSA
    • Penetration Testers / Offensive Security Engineer
    • Data Privacy / DLP: with CPRA commencing July 1st, big push for Data Privacy professionals.

38% Advantageous Hiring

  • Organizations are hiring good talent that has been affected by layoffs


Labor market will pick up in April 2023

  • Confidence in economy grows – positive signs from DC
  • Firms with Jan-Dec fiscal year have budgets finalized
  • Final hiring push before budget renews for firms with June fiscal years

Firms are learning from the COVID hiring cycle

  • After a 6-12 month pause in hiring, firms suddenly looking to hire found themselves in a “war for talent” which led to spikes in salary expectations.
  • Now firms have learned to be more consistent in their hiring to avoid the same pattern.


Capitalize on talent rejoining the market post lay-offs

  • Organizations are laying off top-tier talent that have not been in the market. Firms can hire proactively, when everyone starts hiring talent becomes more expensive (on average $10k-15k higher base salary)
  • Lay-off’s to note – see Tech/Start Layoff Tracker )
    • Optiv: -7%
    • Zoom: -15%
    • NCC group: -7%

~60% of Cyber talent is not on LinkedIn anymore…

  • Most firms find their talent through referrals, LinkedIn or Job Adverts, but these candidates are in multiple processes. Focus on ‘hidden talent’.


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