Supplying the FinTech sector

From inspiring startups to global giants, the world of FinTech is one that we know (and love) here at Parallel. 

Let us fuel your FinTech business with the best talent on the market.

We have the ability to tap into our networks and find candidates who possess an understanding of FinTech trends, solutions, and regulatory processes. We can help to conduct technical interviews and bespoke exercises to assess candidates’ skills and find the right fit for your organisation. 

We can also run thorough background and compliance checks to ensure that every candidate is vetted and capable to start as soon as possible.

We find the perfect fit for your business

With in-depth search methodologies and an eye for detail, Parallel goes above and beyond to find experts in the areas your Fintech needs to succeed.

  • Expertise you need – from predictive models to statistical analysis & machine learning algorithms.

  • Encryption, vulnerability management, intrusion detection systems & incident response protocols

  • User-centered designs, usability testing, user workflows optimisation

  • Cloud-based architecture, infrastructure management, scalability & security best practices.

  • We find people who make data usable, working on the roles that sit behind effective analytics.

  • Distributed ledger systems, smart contracts & blockchain frameworks

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“I truly appreciate the transparency of feedback & candidate counteroffers. Parallel’s process gave us a fair chance to be competitive.”

Hiring Manager USA

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