Scam Alert: WhatsApp & Telegram Scam

Kaitlin McAndrews

We want to bring to your attention a concerning issue we’ve been made aware of involving fraudulent messages circulating on WhatsApp and Telegram. These messages involve individuals posing as recruiters and recruitment firms, including Parallel Consulting. Their deceptive tactics involve promoting counterfeit job listings and attempting to extract personal information from unsuspecting recipients. This nefarious activity is akin to the deceptive emails or texts one might receive impersonating banks or mobile service providers, aimed at illicitly procuring your sensitive data.

We feel it is crucial to caution our valued candidates about an ongoing scam that specifically targets job seekers. These malicious actors may contact you with enticing job offers as a means to acquire your personal information or even request monetary payments.

Should you encounter any communication on WhatsApp or Telegram that claims to represent Parallel Consulting and raises suspicion of phishing or scam activity, we strongly recommend taking the following steps: block the contact number and/or report the incident using the free reporting service provided by phone operators, forwarding the message to 7726.

For comprehensive guidance on identifying phishing messages and appropriate actions to take, we encourage you to visit the Action Fraud website, where you can find more information at this link: Action Fraud – Report Phishing.

Here are some telltale signs to watch out for:

  1. The message arrives unexpectedly.
  2. It originates from an unfamiliar phone number or email address.
  3. If it contains any hyperlinks, exercise caution and avoid clicking on them.
  4. It presents overly generous salary offers or unconventional employment arrangements.
  5. Requests for money or sensitive information, such as your CV, are made.
  6. The communication displays poor grammar and spelling errors.

We wish to emphasize that our team always maintains a high level of professionalism and will never make any suspicious or inappropriate requests. We extend our gratitude to those who have shared evidence of this fraudulent activity with us. If you wish to report any concerns or incidents, please do not hesitate to contact your local Parallel Consulting office or your designated point of contact within the organisation. Your vigilance and cooperation are greatly appreciated as we work together to safeguard your interests.

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