CASE STUDY: Leading global investment bank in the USA

Kaitlin McAndrews

Our client, a leading global investment bank, partnered with Parallel to address their hiring challenges in model governance in the United States.


The bank’s Model Governance team had struggled to find qualified candidates despite months of job advertisements and engagements with various recruitment agencies.


Engaging Parallel, known for our expertise in the financial services industry, proved to be a successful solution.

Parallel conducted a thorough market analysis to identify potential candidates who matched our client’s requirements and reached out to these candidates confidentially, highlighting the prestigious reputation of the bank and the team’s innovative work in model governance.


The team provided comprehensive support throughout the hiring process, including interview coordination and offer management. Within one month, the collaboration resulted in the successful recruitment of two high-caliber professionals at the Assistant Vice President and Vice President levels, demonstrating the effectiveness of Parallel’s headhunting approach.


This successful partnership has now expanded to our client’s Internal Audit department, with the objective of building out the regulatory compliance team.

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