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As a community, our mission is to cultivate an inclusive environment that embraces diversity, champions equity, nurtures belonging, and respects intersectionality in all its forms.

Tequity Talk's vision

Our vision is a technology industry that reflects the richness of human diversity, where thought leaders and peers from all backgrounds and experiences are not only welcomed but celebrated. Tequity Talks envisions a future where equity is ingrained in the DNA of every organization, fostering innovation, creativity, and unparalleled success.

Tequity Talks: How to Inspire Inclusion in Tech with Francesca Pollard & Merishka Lalla

Join Francesca, the founder of Tequity Talks, and our esteemed guest, Merishka Laila, an experienced engineer with a history in DevOps, backend engineering, SRE and system administration. Merishka has a passion for processes and DEIB, sharing her insights garnered from years of experience in the industry.

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“Join us as we work together to create a space where everyone feels heard, respected, and empowered to thrive.”

Francesca Pollard Founder of Tequity Talks & DACH Principal Consultant

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