Cybersecurity Insights Q4 2022

Noortje Jacobs

Q4 2022 Predicted Trends

Infrastructure Security:

  • 35% increase in demand for Infrastructure Security experts.
  • Increasing demand for security candidates with:
    • Container security (Docker / Kubernetes)
    • Kubernetes orchestration (Azure – AKS)
    • Python / Powershell / Bash scripting (DevSecOps)

Application Security:

  • 20% for Application Security experts.
  • Increasing demand for security candidates with:
    • Senior Penetration Testers (5+ years exp, web apps)
    • Threat Modeling

What You Can Expect:

More candidates open to new opportunities

  • Candidates are working from home (WFH) that previously didn’t and want to continue working from home. Also easier to interview whilst WFH.

More competition

  • **Especially for above skill-sets.**
  • Q4 is always busy with projects wrapping up before the end of the year. but especially this Q since most firms have performed better in Q3 than (re)forecasted.

Who is your competition?

  • Amazon – An ‘average’ package for AWS is $165k base + $200k bonus (2 years) + stock
  • Crowdstrike
  • Zoom


  • Good candidates do get counter-offers. Make sure from the start that their motivation is more than just money.

How to Gain a Competitive Edge?

Around 65% of security talent are not on LinkedIn and/or do not apply to job adverts

  • Most firms find their talent through referrals, LinkedIn or Job Adverts, but these candidates are in multiple processes. Focus on ‘hidden talent’.

Open up work from home and headhunt from specific locations

  • Focus on locations where the WFH salary is lower due to the low-cost-of-living, but where quality is very high at the same time (tech hubs):
    • Dallas, TX
    • Nashville, TN
    • San Antonio, TX
    • Raleigh, NC

Smooth/Fast recruiting and onboarding process

  • Most firms are not able to compete with the compensation AWS/CrowdStrike/Zoom offers but their interview process takes ~3months.
  • Try to compete with speed.


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