Salary Market Information Q3 2022

Noortje Jacobs

As headhunters we speak to the top 10% Cyber candidates every day. We want to add value by sharing what we have recently seen in the market from a salary perspective.

Please see below an overview of average base salaries per skill-set per level.

Please note salary depends on skills, experience and location so contact us directly if you wish to receive specific info.

*Data based on the past 3 months (June, July, August 2022). We are using the salary data of all candidates that we've spoken with + salaries offered by our clients, and display the average of those ranges.


Some firms are seeing a ‘dip’ in the market and started a hiring freeze, while others capitalize on this.

They believe now is a good opportunity to hire talent that will cost $20K-$30K more when everyone starts hiring again.

  • Map out firms that are goin through lay offs: Candidates who are usually difficult to attract are now in the market (i.e. Coinbase, Robinhood)
  • Streamlined interview process
  • 60% of Cyber talent are not on LinkedIn


Most of the positions that we support are ‘back-fill’ positions rather than “net new”.

Talent often wants to leave because of a lack of technical challenge, lack of career trajectory or poor work life balance.

  • Clear career trajectory
  • $ bonus incentive paid per quarter
  • Training certifications
  • PTO: Industry standard is 4 weeks. Candidates prefer number of weeks than unlimited PTO.

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